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Cabinets by Hayley


Can you custom design a space for me?

Yes, our in-house team of designers can take something as simple as a picture and a couple of measurements, and turn it into the garage of your dreams. Our cabinets are modular, and can be arranged in any way to fit your space. In the event that we cannot achieve what you want using our standard components, we have a team of engineers in-house who can handle custom design requirements.

Are there standard configurations available?

Yes, we do have some standard configurations you can choose from, however these are purely a starting point, and can be custom configured from there.

What is the difference between free-standing and built-in?

Our free-standing system uses full-length leveling legs, heavy-duty support pillars, and an integrated backsplash to allow even the largest of systems to be 100% free standing. This lends itself to walls that are not conducive to installing cabinets, and gives you the versatility to easily move the cabinets down the road.

Our built-in systems utilize a common leveling base channel, and a wall mounted system, to create more of a built-in look. With options like filler panels, and various backsplash options, this system will give you that wall-to-wall look you are after.

Do the cabinets come assembled?

Yes, our cabinets come fully assembled and ready to install. No assembly is required out of the box.

Can I install the cabinets myself?

Yes, our cabinets are engineered and manufactured in-house, so that we can ensure that every nut and bolt fits with utmost precision. With the use of a couple of basic tools, and the help of our instruction manual, you will have the cabinets up in no time.

What is the lead time to get my cabinets?

All of our cabinets are built to order, and made in-house, so lead times will vary. Standard components are stocked, however, your choice of color and custom additions are manufactured at the time of order. When you place your order, we will give you our best estimate, and keep you updated until you receive your delivery.

How are my cabinets shipped?

We take a great deal of care when it comes to shipping. Our cabinets ship by freight truck (LTL) with only our most trusted carriers that we have worked with throughout the years. Each cabinet receives a protective film on the doors, foam in each corner, and a custom-made box for protection. From there, the packaged cabinets are combined on custom-made skids, shrink-wrapped, and secured before the freight truck arrives for pick-up.