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Condo Garage Cabinet Storage 5

Small garage? Need to make more room? Cabinets by Hayley's new HR Series of garage cabinets can help solve the problem. If you thought you couldn’t afford quality metal garage cabinets… think again! This new line brings you the same high quality of the HC series with some unique features at an attractive price point:


·       18” deep, allowing for less swing on the doors and more room to move around your garage


·       Fully adjustable, allowing you to customize your HR Series Cabinets to suit your individual needs and budget! Start from the most basic and get as creative as you want, or can afford.


·       Expand as you go! With our fully adjustable system, you can take the frame and shelves home today and add doors and drawers at a later date! Add a few or as many as you like.


·       A great way to tidy up the garage before you; bring home that new addition to the family, sell your home or if you simply want to get organized!


·       It’s a “Do It Yourself” cabinet! No hassles with scheduling an installation crew. You can put it together in a couple of hours.


·       Start living an organized life today, free from clutter and junk! Let’s face it, we all have some junk we need to put…. Somewhere!


·       The HR Series from Cabinets by Hayley is simply smart engineering!


·       See your local Cabinets by Hayley dealer and start organizing your life… today!

Condo Garage Cabinet Storage 2

 Condo Garage Cabinet Storage 3

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